The F.F. of Limburg general meeting on Saturday, February 02nd  2019.

Under the guidance of our club president we went over the coming activities of 2019 with a fine-tooth comb. In a relaxed and fine atmosphere, with a fine aperitif, a New-Years' meal and a good glas of wine, everybody had a lovely evening. During that enjoyable gathering, the  members talked a lot and made plans for the coming year.

Some photos of  past general meetings. Click on the first photo to enlarge.



  1. The 2012 general meeting.
  2. The 2012 general meeting.
  3. The 2016 general meeting.
  4. The 2018 general meeting.

Incoming international exchange: the F.F. of Hsinchu, Taiwan visits the F.F. of Limburg from May 26th until June 02nd 2019.

The F.F. of Limburg seldom had a better exchange. Courteous, distinguished, elegant ambassadors,  with an exceptional  "savoir vivre". An example for many people. We count ourselves so happy to have these people as friends. Everybody enjoyed the fascinating and varied programme. And last but not least many thanks to the host families and the exchange directors for these unforgettable moments. 

Do watch the YouTube presentation made by Gerard Vos, one of our members, on the occasion of the farewell party. Notice the beautiful gothic basilica of Tongeren as background.

E.D. Edith

Here some photos of the exchange. Click on the first photo to enlarge.


  1. Welcome F.F. of Hsinchu, Taiwan.
  2. Happy wedding anniversary, Mr President.
  3. Fruit-day in Limburg.
  4. F.F. of Hsinchu, Taiwan visits Brussels.