A visit of Antwerp - our first activity of the new year

On Februari 8th we had a guided visit of Peter Paul Rubens' hometown Antwerp. We spent a lot of time in the Jewesh part  of the city.  It was very cold, but thanks to the great work of our guide we forgot all about mister Winter and we all had a lovely day. The Jewish  restaurant "Hoffy's"  was the place to be to end our multi-cultural walk. The  Hoffy brothers taught us a lot about the Jewish cuisine, culture and habits. A lot of fun  and  a few glasses of red wine were the perfect ending of the beginning of 2009.

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Some photos of this club activity. Click on the first one to enlarge.

  1. New Year 2009.
  2. The hand of Friendship in the centre of Antwerp.
  3. The Gothic Our Lady Cathedral.
  4. Marketplace with the statue of Brabo throwing away the hand [(hAnd)werpen].

Outbound exchange to Nepal from April 3rd until April 19th 2009.

ED Arthur Smeers

Some photos of this club activity. Click on the first one to enlarge.


  1. F.F. Limburg to Nepal.
  2. Nepal, the roof of the world.
  3.  Swayambhunath temple.
  4. Chitwan National Park.

The  F.F. of Halle-Saale & the F.F. Isle of Wight visited our club - May 22nd till May 27th, 2009.

The highlights were the official welcome by the city council of Diepenbeek, a very interesting visit to the Flemish Minemuseum and a Mosque in  Beringen-Koersel. For many years now our honorary clubpresident Jan Voets guides our guests in Bruges and again this year was no exception to the rule. A visit to Hasselt, our provincial capital, and a farewell party were the endings of this nice exchange.

ED Arthur Smeers

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Some photos of this exchange. Click on the first one to enlarge.


  1. The Flemish Minemuseum.
  2. Visit of the mosque in Beringen-Koersel.
  3. F.F. Isle of Wight.
  4. F.F. Halle-Saale

Desde el día 22 hasta el día 29 de agosto, nuestros amigos de la fuerza de la amistad del club de Lima y del club de Tarapoto, Perú conquisieron el corazón de los miembros del club de Limburgo. 


Durante este período descubrimos que los peruanos son muy bonitos y agradables. Disfrutaban de cada día con mucha alegría de vida. Ibamos juntos a Monschau, en Alemania. A la vuelta visitábamos el cementerio militar de la segunda guerra mundial en Henri-Chapelle. Como era la primera confrontación de los peruanos con el horror de esta guerra, eran vivamente impresionados. El programa oficial se componía de una visita de Alden Biesen, una recepción oficial en el ayuntamiento de Tongeren y una visita de Lovaina. De verdad un intercambio inolvidable!

Disfrute de las fotos en el  picasa sitio de Vera Dumon.

ED Vera Dumon

Algunas fotos de este intercambio. Haga click sobre la primera foto para obtener un tamaño más grande.


  1. Visita de Monschau, Alemania.
  2. Visita de Alden Biesen.
  3. Recepción oficial en el ayuntamiento de Tongeren, la ciudad más antigua de Bélgica.
  4. F.F. Greater Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.  to F.F. Limburg.

International incoming exchange: F.F. Greater Atlanta - U.S.A. to F.F. Limburg from September 29th  till  October 6th.

Once more we could count on the goodwill of the city council of Diepenbeek for the official welcome. It was a very successful exchange with guided visits of Antwerp and Bruges. As our province is world famous for its delicious apples and pears, for the first time, we decided to organize a"fruit-day". It was a huge success ... and the Americans loved the  first class lunch in "Château de la Motte". We completed this exchange with a guided visit of Hasselt,  the capital of our province, the "Chocolatier Boon" and the Province House.

ED Arthur Smeers

The following pictures give a good impression of this exchange. Click on the first one to enlarge.

  1. The F.F. of Greater Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.
  2. The fruit-day: delicious apples.
  3. The F.F. of Greater Atlanta barbershop quartet at the farewell.