A visit to Spa: our combined New Year and spring activity.

On Saturday, March 07th we visited Spa. This lovely town is often referred to as the Pearl of the Begian Ardennes, situated in a wooded valley. With a guide we discovered the Spa must-sees: the New Spa "les thermes de Spa", the covered King Leopold II Gallery and the Casino.

Some photos of this activity. Click on the first one to enlarge.

  1. F.F. of Limburg visits the attractive town of Spa.
  2. F.F. Limburg group.
  3. F.F. Limburg members not very happy after their visit to the Casino.
  4. King Leopold II Gallery.

A few Limburg members paid a visit to friends in Wessex, England from April 13th till April 17th.

The highlights of this visit were Corfe Castle, Kingston Lacey and the Naval Dockyard in Porthmouth. A beautiful part of England. Everything so very British! 

Some photos of this activity. Click on the first one to enlarge.

  1. Corfe Castle.
  2. Wimborne.
  3. Naval Dockyard in Porthmouth.
  4. Friends together.

From May 13th till May 19th the F.F. of Karsiyaka Bay (Izmir), Turkey visited the F.F. of Limburg.

On the programme: the grand castle of Alden Biesen that dates back to the 15th/16th century, marl caves in Kanne, Bruges, Ghent, Hasselt. Especially the  visit of the marl caves was a huge success. We not only walked around in the dark caves, but also tasted "cave beer", "cave rice tart", "cave mushroom soup". Really a great visit!

Some photos of this exchange. Click on the first one to enlarge.

  1. ED Cécile and friends in Brussels.
  2. Ambassadors and hosts in Alden Biesen.
  3. In the Marl Caves of Kanne.
  4. Our Turkish guests in Bruges.

The F.F. of Solothurn, Zwitserland visited our club from July 06th till July 10th.

A very successful exchange. The highlighs were a guided tour of Hasselt, of the university town of Louvain  and of the picturesque little town of Zoutleeuw. A visit to a local beer brewery could only contribute to boost our young friendship.

Some photos of this exchange. Click on the first one to enlarge.

  1. Inbound exchange: the F.F. of Solothurn, Zwitserland to the F.F. of Limburg.
  2. Visit to a local beer brewery.
  3. Visit of the picturesque little town of Zoutlleuw.
  4. Visit to the university town of Louvain.

Inbound exchange: the F.F. of Northern Illinois, U.S.A. visits Limburg from September 18th till September 24th.

9 American ambassadors stayed in 8 Limburg families. The official welcome was in the town hall of St. Truiden, the fruit capital of Limburg. We also visited a fruit farm and had a car tour through the rich agriculture part of our province, called Hesbaye. More visits to Antwerp, to Bastogne, famous for the Battle of the Bulge, to Henry-Chapelle with its impressive American Cemetery and Memorial of the 2nd world war. We really thank the American ambassadors as they supported financially the project TANDEM, a centre for people with a mental handicap.

  1. Official welcome in St.-Truiden, the fruit capital of Limburg.
  2. Visit of a fruit farm.
  3. Visit to Antwerp.
  4. Farewell party.

The Friendship Force of Limburg general meeting on Sunday October 25th.

Under the guidance of our club president we went over the activities of past year with a fine-tooth comb. In a relaxed and fine atmosphere, with a little snack and a good glas of wine, everybody had a lovely afternoon.

  1. Ourpresident@work.
  2. A review of 2015: Spa.
  3. A review of 2015: F.F. of Karsiyaka Bay, Izmir, Turkey to F.F. Limburg.
  4. A review of 2015: F.F. of Northern Illinois, U.S.A. to F.F. Limburg.

Intercambio hacia la Fuerza de la Amistad de Viña del Mar, Chile y la Fuerza de la Amistad de Villa María, Argentina - outbound exchange to Chile and Argentina from November 05th until November 26th.

Latin America! What a dream for the ambassadors of the F.F. of Limburg!

Para muchos entre nosotros el intercambio con clubs de Chile y Argentina fue una  experiencia memorable. Las familias de acogida de estos paises nos mimaron de manera maravillosa. Santiago de Chile, Viña del Mar, Valparaiso, Córdoba, Villa María, Buenos Aires... lugares feéricos que nos impresionaron profundamente y nos dejaron con un sentimiento de amistad único e  inolvidable de este continente tan hermoso. Miren y lean  el artículo en un Diario local abajo. 

  1. Santiago de Chile.
  2. En Chile, durante la visita de un viñedo, los embajadores belgas disfrutan de una copa de vino.
  3. Los embajadores belgas.
  4. Amigos de Che Guevara en el museo de che.

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