Friendship Force of Limburg - English.

A few words about our own club
The Friendship Force of Limburg is one of the 350 clubs found worldwide. In Belgium we currently have five Friendship Force clubs. The Limburg Club, founded in 1986, has developed into a very active organization with up to four annual exchanges: we normally plan two journeys to foreign clubs and two receptions.

Our club consists of approximately 28 families who are inspired by the Friendship Force concept.

In 1992 The Friendship Force of Limburg has organized an international festival in Hasselt, hosting around one hundred participants from 24 countries.

Every year the Friendship Force Headquarters in Atlanta assigns some exchange programmes to our club, which the club management work out in detail and put into action.

See "What to expect in Limburg?"

See our monthly "clubnieuws".

Contact persons
• Arthur Smeers - President
• Cecile Bouchet
• Edith Vrijens
• Kahleen Pauwelyn
• Myriam Nulens
• Sonja Houbrechts
• Willy Blendeman 

You can apply for membership by filling in the application form (hyperlink) and send it to one of the contactpersons.

Annual Calendar
See document "Activiteitenkalender"

See below or our "Archief"  for pictures of our visits and guest-visits.