Our first activity was planned on Saturday 27th February.

A combined activity for New Year and spring: a guided visit to Ghent. We saw the highlights of this beautiful historical city and enjoyed some its culinary specialities.

Some photos of this activity. Click on the photos to enlarge.

  1. A visit of Ghent.
  2. Ghent: the old fish market.
  3. Walking through a historical painting: the Graslei and  the Korenlei.
  4. Walking through a historical painting: the old meat market.

The F.F. of Limburg  general meeting on April 16th. 

From this year on, we decided to have our general meeting early in the year. A general meeting with elections for the board. Edith Vrijens will be the new committee member of the F.F. of Limburg club. During the enjoyable gathering the club also  took formal leave of Jean-Marie Defresne who was a member of the board during 27 years. 

  1. Attentive listeners as the president speaks to them.
  2. Edith Vrijens, elected new member of the board.
  3. Enjoyable gathering after the official part.
  4. Our Honorary Chairman, Jan Voets, during the enjoyable gathering.

Our first exchange of 2016 was a short European one: the F.F. of Limburg to the F.F. of Bayern, Germany.

We visited the German club from April 21st until April 25th. On the programme: Nürnberg, Bamberg and Regensburg.

Some photos of this exchange. Click on the photos to enlarge.

  1. Outbound exchange F.F. Limburg to F.F. of Bayern, Deutschland.
  2. F.F. Limburg in Nürnberg.
  3. In the rain! Not in Regensburg, but in Bamberg.
  4. No rain in Regensburg.

The Friendship Force of Limburg celebrated its 30th anniversary.  

From August 9th till august 15th an international group of ambassadors came to our country to learn about "Belgium and her Beers". Beer, hops and cheese  were the theme  chosen by the club to celebrate its 30th anniversary. The ambassadors were really charmed by this original way of discovering Belgium. And ... we didn't even mention Belgian chocolate and waffles!!!   

Some photos of this exchange. Click on the photos to enlarge.



  1. The ambassadors arrive in Diepenbeek.
  2. The official welcome in the city of Hechtel-Eksel.
  3. A lecture about beer, hops and cheese by prof. Dennis De Keukeleire.
  4. The farewell party.